The Experience

You are going to be so happy you did this. It's going to be so much fun.

Your experience will start with chat on the phone, or email conversations, if you prefer! If you have time, we can meet in person over a cup of coffee, or some wine, because I really, really love both of those things. I am available for unlimited pre-session consultations. We'll talk about how the session will go, where and when it will be, and any other questions you might have before you book. 

After you secure a date with your session fee, we'll refine a few more details.  I want to make sure that I capture your life exactly as you want to remember it, whether it's your infant's ecstatic giggles when she plays peek-a-boo with her father, or your some bittersweet moments with your son before he leaves for his first year of college. 

Soon it will be the day of your photo session! It is my goal for photo sessions to be meaningful, joyful experiences that focus on your family's love and connection. When you look back at these photos, I want you to remember that day when you put everything else aside and just focused on each other.  That's pretty easy to do for newborn sessions, since sitting around cuddling a baby is pretty much what you do when you have a baby. For older generally don't enjoy sitting still for long amounts of time, we create a child-centered adventure, so that kids can explore, be goofy, and let their personalities shine. Families often thank me afterwards for the opportunity to just hang out and be themselves, which they didn't expect would happen. Often they even linger after our goodbyes, just enjoying the day together with each other - a relaxing respite from their busy lives.  

Back at the studio, I giddily upload your images to my computer and my real work begins. I'll curate a collection of your very best photos and edit them. Two weeks after the session, we'll have an in-person Viewing & Ordering Session, where you will view a slideshow of your images. I love these meetings! I love getting to know you better, and I love working with you to help you create custom artwork for your home. We'll pass around samples of my products , narrow down your favorites, and get to work creating beautiful products out of your images.
Final orders are taken during this meeting. Please make sure that all decision-makers present or that a budget has been agreed on ahead of time. 

Shortly after your artwork purchase, you'll receive your social media files that you can share with family and friends! Products and digital negatives will be ready within three weeks of purchase.