Print Credit

What is a print credit?
Good question! It's a block of funds that is applied towards your purchase of printed art (framed prints, unframed prints, canvases, and portfolio boxes). 

A print credit gives families the freedom to choose their own wall art at their in-person Viewing & Ordering Session.  Some families opt for canvas while others prefer framed prints...some of you will love my pre-designed Gallery Wall Collections, while others will prefer a custom design, included in my services.
Print credits give you momentum to get that art up on your walls!

Can I purchase more than the collection includes?
Absolutely. We'll crunch the numbers at your Viewing & Ordering Session to see if it makes sense to purchase those additional items a la carte, or to upgrade to next collection and receive savings on digital files.

What happens if I don't fulfill my print credit? Can I wait a few months and decide later?
All final decisions and all purchases will be made at the Viewing & Ordering Session.  Please make sure that all decision makers are present at the meeting, or that a budget has been determined ahead of time. If you need more time to decide, you can schedule an additional Viewing and Ordering Session for $100.

About how much wall art will a $350 print credit (Sunbeam Collection) get me?
I am happy to go over exact pricing on the phone or in person, but give you a general idea, a $350 print credit will cover a pre-designed, unframed Gallery Wall collection. Example: The first gallery wall in the slideshow, "LOVE IT," is one 20x20 print and two 16x20 prints. Framed galleries are an additional $330 - $450. So if you are thinking of a framed gallery wall, you might consider upgrading your collection to Aurora or Prisma, which also includes more digital files. 
If you don't have enough wall space for a gallery wall, a $350 print credit will cover a framed 20x24 print.
I am happy to answer any more questions you might have about products and print credits!