Fine Art School Portraits at Little Inspirations

Photo Day: Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Please read the schedule below to determine your child’s photo day.

A boutique photography experience that brings out the unique beauty in each child.

I am so excited to provide your school with fine art school portraits. My goal is to provide a  more personal experience to all children and families at Little Inspirations. 

What is a fine art school portrait?
Fine Art School Portraits are a timeless approach to school photos. The background will be neutral and the photos will be simple and classic. The children will be encouraged to be themselves and show their natural expressions!

Which day will my child be photographed?
Busy Bees, Curious Caterpillars, Diving Ducklings, and Migrating Monarchs will be on Tuesday, October 22, from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm.

Wiggly Worms, Frisky Foxes and Eagle Explorers will be on Wednesday, October 23, from 8:30 am 12:00 pm.

Do you take sibling photos?
Yes! I will photograph siblings enrolled at Little Inspirations, as well as siblings who do not attend Little Inspirations. Please sign up by Friday, October 18th if you would like any of your children to be photographed together.

Please bring your younger child in on the same day that their older sibling will be photographed. Photos with younger siblings will be taken between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m.

(If you have siblings at Little Inspirations and you do NOT want them photographed together, please use the above form.)

How will I order photos?
Within a few weeks of your child’s photo day, you will be e-mailed the link to a class proofing gallery. There will be 2-6 images of your child, depending upon how much your child loved being photographed.  :)  
Here's the best part: You get to choose which photo to print! And if you love ALL the photos in the gallery, you will have the option to purchase them all. You will be able to order prints, canvas wraps, and digital files directly from the viewing gallery. The ordering process is simple and secure. 

Once orders have been placed, your photos and other products will be delivered to your school.

Do you offer re-takes?
Yes, I will be offering a re-take day after everyone has received their proofs. 

How much do prints cost?
Print and digital collections range from $39 - $99.  The most basic collection includes two 5x7s, two 4x6s, four wallets, and a class photo.  Canvases, larger prints, and additional digitals can be purchased a la carte directly from your gallery. Exact prices will be visible on the website once your child's proofs have been emailed. 

What should my child wear? 
Photos turn out the best if you can avoid neon clothing, or clothing with brand name photos on them (The Gap, etc.) All photos are taken from the shoulders up, so you don’t need to worry about cute pants or shoes (although I will be taking class photos). Please contact me if you have any questions about wardrobe. Hats are FUN and TOTALLY ALLOWED for a few of the photos! 

Please email me with any questions. I'm looking forward to creating some beautiful portraits of your child!

Erielle  |   773-936-7281

Please enjoy the following gallery of some awesome little people that I have had the pleasure to meet!