Five Great Reasons to Book a Winter Photo Session

1. You look adorable in a hat! 

2. Photos in your home. You might not live here forever. You and your children will want to remember this place where they have been creating so many memories.  An in-home documentary session will capture a day in the life of your family at this very moment in time. 

3. If you follow my Instagram feed, you know that you my toddler prefers to live his life unclothed, and I don't mind one bit! It gives me so many opportunities to snap photos of his cute chubby thighs and pokey pudgy belly.
So if it's too cold to play outside, let's stay inside where it's cozy and warm. Who needs clothes? Bring on the giggles and snuggles of happy babies in diapers. 

4. Unpredictable weather gives us the opportunity to get creative with neat indoor locations. Chicago is beautiful, and you live here. Let's explore! 

5. Pop-Up Studio Session! I'll set up my lights and we'll let the kids be superstars. If you want the best of both worlds, Indoor + Outdoor photo sessions allow us to mix things up, giving you a lot of variety in your photos. And the kids are less likely to get bored or antsy if we are changing the setting.  Do it!

Your kids aren't getting any younger. Book a session today!