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Why are your prices higher than we have paid in the past?


You might be wondering why you are paying higher prices than in other years. Iā€™m happy to explain!
It comes down to two things: time and cost of materials.

Every time a different child sits down in front of me on picture day, I manually adjust my lighting set-up and my camera exposure settings. Most school photographers, however, use the same generic lighting and posing on each student, regardless of their hair color, eye color, and skin tone.

After picture day, when I am editing photos, I manually edit each student's photographs, to further refine my stylistic process that begins on picture day. Most school photographers spend significantly less time on each student, since their lighting and editing set-ups are the same for each student. 

An additional way that most school photographers keep their time-per-student ratios small is by selecting the photo for you. This makes things go pretty quickly for them. But I really love giving parents (and students) the option to choose their favorite expression, even if it makes the process more time-consuming for me.

Is this efficient? Ha, no! But this meticulous and deliberate workflow is what allows me to create images with a unique style, images that I am passionate about, and images that that families deeply cherish.
Unfortunately, it does not allow me to charge the lower prices that high-volume school photographers charge. 

I only order prints from high-quality printing labs who carefully calibrate their printers to create accurate colors and skin tones. You will also see that the photographic paper is of a higher quality. This makes my cost of goods higher, but I firmly believe it is worth it, and I hope you agree, when you hold your print in your hands.

Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to understand why my prices need to be slightly higher than those of larger companies. If you have further questions about pricing or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me!