Furry Friends

It's just as important to photograph your pets as it is your children, especially since your pet will probably die before your child. If you're lucky.

I used to LOVE animals. And then I had kids. Which left absolutely no room in my heart for our our four-legged friends. UNLESS I can make money off of them.  All of a sudden, I think I like animals again.  

Guess what. There is actually no guarantee that I will get more than one good photo of your pet. I thought animals would be easier to photograph than toddlers, which was why I decided to start photographing them. Turns out I was wrong. You can't bribe cats with jellybeans. They don't give a shit about peekaboo. Even potty humor doesn't work. Don't believe me? Try telling a poop joke to a Burmese Mountain Dog and see what she does.