Fine Art School Portraits

Introducing a boutique photography experience that brings out the unique beauty in each child.

Parents and schools LOVE this custom experience. Why?

1. Families can select which image they want printed! Instead of the photographer deciding which image makes the cut, parents will be able to view a password-protected gallery and choose for themselves which image they would like printed, and THEN order a print package. No money up front! And if they love them ALL, which usually they do, they can buy them all!

2. Because I am not a big-box, corporate company trying to get through thousands of kids every week, I can give a little more love to each child. Instead of snapping one or two quick shots, I can spend a few more minutes, have a little fun, get a little goofy, and capture a genuine expression that is true to the child's personality. 

3. I am happy to photograph siblings together, if your school's schedule allows it. And if younger siblings are not in school yet, I will work with the school to find a time for parents or caregivers to bring in younger siblings. 

4. I'm a professional photographer who happens to be a former teacher, so I totally get kids. And I get schools. I know that many schools have a tightly-woven schedule that needs to stay as intact as possible, and children have important things to learn every day. So I am very willing to work with each school to make sure the photo day experience is the least disruptive it can be to the children's education.  
I'm a mom, too, so I get families.  I understand chaotic mornings with young children at different schools, and scrambling out the door. I know how things slip through cracks, like remembering to brush your kid's hair, and reminding them to put on a nice shirt, and remembering photo day forms.  So I am happy to handle all questions from parents, as well all orders and transactions.

5. I will donate 5% of my profits back to your school or the PTA.

Erielle Bakkum Photography, LLC is fully registered, licensed, and insured in the state of Illinois.

How does it work?

I provide a PDF to your school with pricing info, ordering procedures, and Photo Day Prep, so that families know exactly what to expect. I work carefully with a staff member or parent volunteer to set up a schedule for photo day.

On photo day, I spend about two or three minutes with each child to capture 2-6 fantastic images (maybe more if the child is totally rocking the session).

After the shoot, families are emailed password-protected galleries with images presented in both color and black and white. Families then order their prints and digital files directly from their galleries! I also provide boutique products such as canvas wraps and mounted prints. High-resolution digital files are also available for purchase for families' creative and archival purposes.

Prints and products are shipped directly to the students' homes - one less thing for busy teachers to keep track of! Upon request, I provide the school with high resolution files for yearbooks, websites, marketing, IDs, etc.
Upon request, staff photos and class photos can be taken. A complimentary 5x7 print of the class photo will be included in each print package for students and staff. 

What ages do you photograph?

I love photographing all ages...newborns through adults. While most school photographers focus on school-age children, I have years of experience working with toddlers and infants. So if you are a childcare center that would like to provide this service to families with young children, I am happy to spend the extra time and care that the very littlest ones need.

What size school does this work for?

Boutique school photography works best for small schools, so that I can give my utmost attention to the students' and schools' needs. I prefer schools with 30 to 300 students. I am open, however, to smaller or larger schools- just ask.


Please enjoy these images of some amazing little people that I have had the pleasure to work with!

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