Fine Art Portraits at the Ancona School

Ordering Deadline: Thursday, November 8th, at midnight CST.

Proofing galleries are ready, yay!
Look at these happy Ancona kids…

Please read these important details about ordering!
If you still have questions after reading these notes and watching the Ordering Video below, please contact me directly.

Discount for Sibling Digitals
•The prices of the sibling digitals will be slightly higher than than individual portraits, because of the extensive editing required for photos of multiple people. To help offset costs, I am offering a discount on sibling photos to families who have purchased their children's individual portraits. Enter the promo code 'SIBLINGLOVE' to receive 50% off digital purchases. Note: The discount does not apply to print purchases.  Please use this code only if you have purchased your children's individual portraits. 

Viewing and Ordering
•The best part about this is that YOU get to choose your favorite photo to order! I am thrilled to offer this service to families.

• There are 3-7 images per child. Some children will have larger galleries than others, if they loved being in front of the camera and gave a me variety of expressions in a short time. Other children might have a smaller number, if they were happy to keep giving the same adorable expression.

•All purchases include professional re-touching. So if your little person has a mosquito bite, scratch, runny nose, etc., I’ll be editing each photo by hand to bring it to its fullest potential. If you are worried about me missing something, please leave a ‘Note’ in the space provided at Checkout.

• You can order prints, digitals, and canvas wraps directly from your gallery. Click on your favorite photo, click the "Buy Photo" icon above it, and you will see the pricing and ordering information. Click here for a short note that explains why this year’s prices are higher than last year’s prices.)

•Prints will be delivered to the school a few weeks before winter break; digitals will be emailed to you by the end of November. (Families will receive their digitals at different times, since I am processing and re-touching orders by hand.)

•  The deadline for all orders will be midnight (12:00 am CST) on Thursday, November 8th, after everyone has received their proofs from re-takes and sibling photos. After the deadline, galleries will expire and will require a $15 re-activation fee and will be open to digital purchases ONLY.

•  Orders for multiple children. If you are ordering photos of more than one child, you will need to complete a separate transaction for each one.

Class Photos
•View class photos here:
•A 5x7 print of the class photo will be included in each print package, and a digital file will be included with each purchase of the entire digital gallery. If you are purchasing prints a la carte, and not as part of a collection, you can order a class photo under “Prints.”

THANK YOU for reading all of these details. The link to view your children’s photos is below, as well as a video that walks you through the ordering process.
Enjoy the photos of your amazing children! I hope that you cherish these images years to come.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Erielle Bakkum
Phone: 773-936-7281  


Questions about ordering? I've created a video to walk you through the process. Click the image below to watch.