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About the Photographer

I am the mother of three children. Last time I checked, I had 12,397 photographs of them (not even counting iPhone photos). Sometimes, at night, after my family has fallen asleep, I pour myself a glass of wine, turn on some music, and click through their photos. And I cry. I cry mostly because I am grateful, but I also cry because I mourn for who my children once were, and who they will never be again.

Oh no, that sounds so sad! I promise I am totally ok, and actually a very happy person. But it is a deeply fulfilling activity, especially since I don't even remember some of these moments ever happening in the first place (too much wine?). I am so thankful that I have these portals into my deteriorating memory. So I blow my nose, shuffle off to bed, and then get up the next day and reach for the camera again.

A client of mine once wrote:

"To me, pictures are so much more than a souvenir: a good photo is a memory and a work of art all rolled up in one.

It’s a window into that moment in your life, but a window opens out onto something much, much larger.

It’s not just documentation that you’ve been there, but it’s all of the sights and sounds and thoughts and feelings and everything that lead up to that one moment in time."

I hope that you are here because you agree. I hope you are here because you understand that life is fleeting, and tomorrow your children will not be who they are today. I hope that you are looking for images with a clarity and focus that make you pause, look, ponder and appreciate the beauty that is your life at this unrepeatable moment in time.

If you are looking for a custom photography experience that reflects this, please get in touch.