Let's let them run. Let's let them jump.  Let's let them stop and sigh and look deeply into the camera and then laugh and run away again. It's ok. That's who they are. 

Lifestyle Sessions

Children are fast. They are fleeting and beautiful. They do weird stuff. They take a lot of time to raise properly, and there many moments in a family's daily life that seem mundane. But in a few years, these mundane moments will have become extraordinary. 

I will photograph you and yours in these moments: playing, dancing, hugging, doing ninja kicks...
Lifestyle Photography is the approach I take with family sessions. I strive to create spontaneous images that convey joy, wonder, humor, and a celebration of life. 

Although lifestyle sessions focus on candid moments, we will take some time during the session to create a few beautiful portraits.  We will create these portraits naturally within the session, when your children are comfortable, so that their expressions are genuine and meaningful.  My top priority is to capture your family's essence on the inside as well as the outside - to document who your children are, right now, before they grow one second older.